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Worrying developments

Theron looked at the 'Wolf Princess' and made a slight grunt noise "You sure you know where we're going? I feel like we've been walking in circles for WEEKS!"

Lynn had left Pup and Evan in a small hotel outside of town. She didn't want either of them to know what she was about to do. She had followed her nose to a small cottage set back in the woods. She approached cautiously. Seeking out Theron was not the best idea, but she had few options left.

She went to the door and knocked gently, her senses alert.
Gregory smiled walking back into the mansion. He seemed more relaxed than he had in weeks. Chatura was almost hanging from him, everything about her screaming sex and her scent was all over him. So that was probably sex you'd smell too.  She was smiling like a cat that had got the cream. The matching Gold bands on there fingers might be a major reason for it. 
Chatura smiled "Will you tell your daughter lover?" she asked with a seductive growl, as she gave Pup's leash a sharp tug making the Wolf fall over "I should I?" 

Dec. 8th, 2007

Theron moved silently through the woods heading for an old friends home. He'd heard that she'd been killed so he needed to see what befell his friend. He walked up to the hunters cottage and let out a slow breath. "Paine?" he called pushing the door open "Are you here?"

Still Fighting

Paine knew he's soon loose the fight against shifting. But his make shift posion that was fighting the change seemed to be working. 
He picked up the small case he'd been hiding amongst his things, and flipped it open. Inside sat a syringe and several viles of the liquid poison that his grand mother had taught him to  make before he knew what it was. 
He drew the liquid into the syringe before preparing the tournique. He swallowed hard hoping soon someone would reply to his call for help. He only had his grandmother who was no longer with him bless her soul, but he'd been told once a long time ago that there were more family members out there. Who might somehow help. His hand started to tremble before he slipped the needly into his skin.

Nov. 28th, 2007

Patrick had left Larissa alone to long,
She was starting to fear he wouldn't return. So she broke from from the building. Broke free of the large cage that the house felt so much like.
And started to run. 
She ran for what felt like forever. Until the smell of blood, wolves, cats hit her sensitve nostrils. She immediately headed for the smell. Hunger gnawing at her.  

Cat among the wolves

Fylene looked up at the manor, gulping. Why her boss had to send her here was beyond her. "Yea, send the cat to deal with the dogs...Good joke..."

She walks up the steps and rings the doorbell, hugging her cloak around her. She knew they would smell the feline scent immediately, but she was still nervous of people seeing her. Too many years of hiding. She waited patiently. 

Nov. 24th, 2007

 Paine scowled slightly as he slipped through the corridors of the house. There was a smell. He'd yet to identifiy what it was or in fact where. But it smelt good, sweet and tangy. He paused sniffing wondering why he could smell it so keenly and why it made his stomach knot so.
He found himself stood looking at a wall, slowly he remembered something his Grandmother had taught him about hidden passages. He felt along the wall eventually finding the hidden door, which looked just like the rest of the wall and opened it to find a passage way leading down into what he guessed was a hidden basement. The smell was strong there. And he was finally able to identifiy what the scent was. Blood. That knowledge alone made him gag and heave until he was sick.


Augustus was honored at the fact that the alpha had not only accepted him into the pack but had made him his daughters gaurdian and champion. All this came from a fight between Lynn and Gregory, of which he had finally managed to drag Lynn away from and back to her room.  

Another Night, Another Party

 River had alwas been a hard rocker and partier, and tonight was no different. He and a group of his friends had gone deep into the woods to party at what was believed to be an old witches alter "Coffin Rock". The party had gone just like any other he had been to, booze, drugs, and sex, but what was different was this time he must have done to much and passed out. When he awoke he found the clearing empty, no signs of the party at all, and the full moon high in the sky. "Fuck" he muttered to himself, hungover and still a little high, "Guess I gotta hoof it home". With that he began to walk towards what he thought was home but was really deeper into the woods.